Automotive industry

Hardly any other industry places such high demands on the materials it uses: they have to become ever lighter and yet provide better performances whilst also meeting high aesthetic requirements.

GODIPLAST can always supply the correct material for each specific application from its extensive range of high-performance compounds. Together with our partners, we can also present some unique solutions.

Whether it comes down to replacing metals with high-performance plastics that display both high rigidity and flexibility or which can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature or pressure, we will find exactly the material needed for the specific application. At the same time, you will always be able to find the material that lets you exploit every opportunity when it comes to design and tactility, sound characteristics and odour-neutrality.

This means that you can produce your products reliably, allowing you to not only satisfy your customers but also to impress them.

Discuss your own requirements with us.


Product examples

SLOVALEN PP PH 49 GF 30Reinforcement part bumperAudi, BMWProdBsp01
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 30 TS 002Fuel suction unit, part in the engine compartmentOpelProdBsp02
SLOVAMID PA Accelerator pedal, safetySuzuki, VWProdBsp03
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 15 T 25 004Part from the rear view mirror (UV-resistant, heat-aging resistance, scratch-resistant)RenaultProdBsp04
SLOVAMID PA 66 MI/2Trunk lockVolvoProdBsp05
SLOVALEN PP PH 79 GF 20 noirFan wheelŠkoda, RenaultProdBsp06
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 50 TS noirReinforcement, carrierŠkodaProdBsp07
SLOVALEN PP PH 69 GF 30 TMSAir filterSuzukiProdBsp12
SLOVALEN PP PC 93 T 5 021 noirFloor plate trunkKia SportageProdBsp14
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF10 T20 TS 31Engine hood, high surface quality, scratch resistantVWProdBsp16