Construction industry

Hardly any other industry features so many different applications as the construction industry does. Our products can be found, in geomembranes and seal sheeting, rain gulleys, window gaskets and profiles or water-stops, amongst other things.

The materials thus have to possess many different properties, including good resistance to oils and petroleum, low migration compared to other plastics and paints, durability and mechanical strength, resistance to the weather and high impact resistance, as well as resistance to hydrolysis and heat. These are joined by other, aesthetic properties such as specific colour settings or effects. At the same time, the materials also have to adhere to comprehensive regulations and standards relating to such as criteria as safety, hygiene, flame-prevention or fire-protection and compression set requirements in some cases.

We can meet these challenges with a broad range of compounds for injection moulding and extrusion. We will be very happy to talk with you about your specific applications and requirements.


Product examples

SLOVAMID PA 66 GF 40 E 002/1M noirProfile for aluminum windowsProdBsp08