Kareline® – The choice of nature for the future

The Kareline® product range consists of natural fiber reinforced compounds. The range includes high – quality polymers (ABS – PLA – POM – PP – PS) reinforced with 10%, up to more than 50% natural fibers:
Kareline PPMS EC, PPMS COW Natural fiber reinforced PP (10 – 55%)
Interior and exterior furniture, tool handles, massive technical components, household products …
Kareline ABMS Natural Fiber Reinforced ABS (10 – 40%)
Technical or decorative parts in the automotive or electronics industry, covers of devices, grips and furniture …
Kareline PSMS Natural fiber reinforced PS (10 – 30%)
Provides high-quality, unique appearance for products where excellent surface quality and dimensional stability are desired; (E.g. For the packaging of cosmetics or jewelery, decorative parts for automobile …
Kareline POMS Natural Fiber Reinforced POM (10 – 40%)
Kareline PLMS Natural Fiber Reinforced PLA (10 – 50%)


• Biobased compound made of high-quality polymers and wood cellulose fibers
• Easy to process and remove
• High surface quality and aesthetics
• Low shrinkage, no incidence
• Recyclable

Color: Basic material (similar to wood). Can be dyed in all colors.


KARELINE information

KARELINE® is a registered trademark of PLASTHILL OY.