High performance polyamide PA for advanced applications

The SLOVAMID PA includes reinforced, flame-retarded and customer-specifically modified PA6 and PA66 grades.


• High temperature resistance
• High UV resistance
• Surface quality
• Improved flow
• Resistance to friction, high impact strength
• Fat and chemical resistance

Colors: Basic material non-transparent. Can be dyed in all colors.


SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 30 TS 002Fuel suction, part in the engine compartmentAutomobileOpel
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 30 schwarzAccelerator, safety componentAutomobileSuzuki, VW
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 15 T 25 004Part of the rear-view-mirror AutomobileRenault
SLOVAMID PA 66 MI/2Trunk lockAutomobileVolvo
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 50 TS schwarzEnforcement, carrierAutomobileŠkoda
SLOVAMID PA 66 GF 40 E 002/1M schwarzProfile for aluminum windowsConstruction
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 65 000/2MWashing machines WareCandy
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 30 601Grinder housing out of carbonWare
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 30 000Pincer componentsTools
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF 25 FRC 4 849Fuse housingElectrial Engineering
SLOVAMID PA 6 BT HV TLS 002 schwarzHigh strength cablesElectrial Engineering
SLOVAMID PA 6 GF10 T20 TS 31BonnetAutomobileVW