The SLOVASTER product range consists of modified polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds.
The PBT grades are used in technical applications where thermal and chemical resistance, electrical behavior, stability and stiffness are of great importance.

These compounds are used where high dimensional stability and at the same time high strength and stiffness are important, or where abrasion resistance is important with low sliding resistance.
The excellent resistance of PBT can also be decisive for the choice of this material.
The SLOVASTER range contains customer-specific modified, flame-retardant, reinforced and colored grades.



• Very low warpage
• Low water absorption
• High stiffness
• Dimensional stability
• High dielectric properties
• High heat resistance
• Stress cracking resistance
• Low heat aging
• Chemical resistance
• Weather resistance
• Surface types



• Household appliances
• Automobile
• Electrical engineering and electronics
• Precision engineering
• Cosmetics


Colors: Basic material non-transparent. Can be dyed in all colors