Kareline – Natural Fibre Composites

KARELINE offers manufacturers of end products and injection moulders plenty of advantage: completely new perspectives for designing products in terms of design, aesthetics and appearance. Even innovative, technically complex products for indoor and outdoor use can be produced.
Polymers such as ABS, PLA, POM, PP and PS are given a new surface due to the special incorporation of natural products and offer additional advantages:

Quality : The Kareline composites enable manufacturing of straight injection moulding products with highly accurate dimensions and that are thus of excellent quality. There will be no internal stresses in the products, and there will be no sink marks.

Strength : Excellent characteristic strength. The products will include all the characteristics of glassreinforced plastics but none of the problems connected with using glass: no weld lines, no problems with recycling and no wear and tear of machinery and moulds.

Ease of design : Designing of products and moulds will be simpler due to, e.g., minimal shrinkage and absence of sink marks.

Production efficiency : Injection moulding production will be intensified when pieces come off the mould easily and duty cycle is shorter than normally.

Ecology meets economy: Environmental competitiveness of the end products will be improved when a notable part of fossil raw materials can be replaced. At the end of their life cycle, the end products can be easily destroyed by burning or recycling them into production.

Color: natural (similar to wood). Can be dyed in all shades.
KARELINE is a registered trademark of PLASTHILL OY.

KARELINE Products:


Natural Fibre Reinforced PP (10 – 55 %)

Injection moulded parts of indoor/outdoor furniture, tool handles, massive technical components, household products…


Natural Fibre Reinforced ABS (10 – 40 %)

Injection moulded technical or decorative parts in automotive or electronic industries, covers of appliances, handles and furniture…


Natural Fibre Reinforced PS (10 – 30 %)

Beautiful appearance to products where excellent surface quality, excellent dimensional stability or fascinating outlook are desired e.g. packaging of cosmetics or jewellery, decorative parts in cars…


Natural Fibre Reinforced POM (10 – 40 %)


Natural Fibre Reinforced PLA (10 – 50 %)