Masterbatch FLR: Batches for flame protection

Product code: 1100

Masterbatch FLR changes the fire behavior of plastics.

The flame retardant either intervenes physically or chemically in the combustion process and thus minimizes the risk of fire.

Masterbatch FLR is available in classes V-2, V-1 and V-0 (all according to UL94).


Masterbatch LAS: Batches for laser marking

Product code: 2300

Since each plastic material can be marked differently by laser, the Masterbatch LAS is used.

Special pigments manipulate the interaction of the polymer with the high-energy laser in such a way, that an optimal labeling can be produced.

Masterbatch LAS is also available as a batch combination (+ color).


Masterbatch NUC: Nucleation buffer

Product code: 3100

Masterbatch NUC results in the formation of a uniform structure in partially crystalline polymers (e.g., polyolefins, PA12 and POM). The development of a large number of small spherulites during cooling of the melt results in particularly good mechanical properties for the compounds. Another advantage of adding the masterbatch NUC is to have shorter cycle times during processing.


Masterbatch SLP: Lubricant Batches

Product code: 4300

Masterbatch SLP improves the flow behavior of plastic materials.

Further positive properties of the lubricant batch are good homogenization, phase switching and dispersion of melt.

The demouldability of the material is also improved. Finished parts also have a permanent antiblocking and slip effect.


Masterbatch AOX: Antioxidans Batches

Product code: 5100

Masterbatch AOX prevents the chain degradation process in plastics, which is triggered by heat or mechanical stress.

The properties (e.g., optical and mechanical) of plastic components can be maintained by adding Masterbatch AOX.


Masterbatch CDE: Batches for electrical conductivity

Product code: 6100

The electrical conductivity of plastics can be increased by adding the Masterbatch CDE.

For this purpose, the filler particles contained in the masterbatch form an ion-conducting network within the polymer matrix.

Masterbatch CDE serves as a permanent antistatic equipment for nearly all thermoplastics.


Masterbatch AST: Antistatic Batches

Product code: 6200

With Masterbatch AST, the specific surface resistance of plastics can be specifically reduced.

Negative consequences of electrostatic charge, e.g. spark formation and dust formation can thus be avoided.

Masterbatch AST is available as a short-term or long-term antistatic agent as required.



Masterbatch AMB: Batches for microbial protection

Product code: 7200

Masterbatch AMB protects plastics used in outdoor and damp applications.
The masterbatch contains additives that effectively prevent bacterial infestation (e.g., by E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria).


Masterbatch UVP: Batches for light and UV protection

Product code: 8400

Masterbatch UVP improves the resistance of plastics to the harmful UV-content of sunlight.The UV resistance of plastic components, especially for exterior applications, can be increased. Combination batches with thermostabilization are also possible.



Masterbatch PCT: Batches for the light protection of filling material

Masterbatch PCT protects filling material from light-dependent and thermal degradation.

Components made from compounds that contain Masterbatch PCT remain stable even after long-term storage.



Masterbatch LUX: Batches for color brilliance

Product code: 8800

Masterbatch LUX provides end products with high-quality color.

Special color pigments in the masterbatch make it possible to produce plastics that have a very intense coloring.