We provide customised masterbatches and combination batches, depending on our clients’ demands.

Our customers always receive the products that match their needs exactly.

Product overview

Product codeProduct seriesDescription
1100Masterbatch FLRBatches for flame retardancy
2100Masterbatch ABRBatches for improved abrasion resistance
2200Masterbatch FOG
2300Masterbatch LASBatches for laser marking
2400Masterbatch LSWBatches for laser welding
3100Masterbatch NUCNucleation batches
4100Masterbatch EXMDemolding batches
4200Masterbatch CYCBatches for cycle shortening
4300Masterbatch SLPLubricating batches
4400Masterbatch DRY
4500Masterbatch ABLAntiblocking agent batches
5100Masterbatch AOXAntioxidant batches
5200Masterbatch EXPFoaming agent
6100Masterbatch CDEBatches for electric conductivity
6300Masterbatch ASTAntistatic agent
7200Masterbatch AMBAntibacterial agent
8100Masterbatch COLColour batches
8200Masterbatch AYEAntiyellow batches
8400Masterbatch UVBatches for light- and UV-protection
8500Masterbatch PCTBatches for light protection of goods
8600Masterbatch SFXEffect batches
8800Masterbatch LUXBatches for intense colouring
9200Masterbatch LFTLong glass fiber concentrates
9400Masterbatch WODWood concentrates
9500Masterbatch CRKCork concentrates