Our service for our customers

Our service includes every aspect of support. From advice on selecting materials and laboratory materials analysis to mechanical or technical support and the design of tools and moulds.

Technical/commercial consultants help you coordinate your project; qualified experts are at hand to answer every technical question.

Supply Chain

We are able to support our customers and suppliers with our services thanks to the varied supply chain expertise that we have developed.

Besides conventional methods, our company gives you the chance to place orders electronically via a customer login feature. This also permits tracking, when requested by the customer, who can then track the order from production to delivery.

At this point, we are happy to invite our customers to log on so that they can track their orders: Supply Chain Registration

Product development

Many customers want modifications to the material used -regularly and at short notice- whereby the changes to the materials are often only minor. Then again, other customers have specific requirements for a new product’s characteristics, which calls for a complicated development procedure because no one single standard quality exists.

In every case, we work together with our customers in determining the target properties of the desired material and to speed its development (if necessary via a number of sampling processes) until approval is granted.

Laboratory services

A whole series of tests and measurements are carried out at our laboratory. They are used in the input and output inspection of raw materials and compounds, as well as in preparing test certificates. They support product development by defining and monitoring the requirements.

In addition to these tests, our laboratory also performs tests and measurements on behalf of our customers and suppliers.

Compliance tests

Compliance tests are confidential matters. Due to the increasingly complex formulas, the rapidly growing knowledge of the impact of materials on humans and the environment, as well as the internationalisation of markets, it is vital to confirm that the products supplied adhere to the increasing number of new compliances.

We were able to recognise this early on and invested in training those employees entrusted with this task.


Thanks to a variety of storage types, we are able to ensure that our customers are always supplied with sufficient material and on time.

In addition to standard products, customised products are increasingly prefabricated when called for by our customers, and we hold them until they are picked up.

If it benefits the customer, we will set up a consignment stock together with the customer on their premises. The customer can then withdraw the amount needed directly from this, on a just-in-time basis.

QA agreements

Quality assurance agreements govern organisation and optimisation in areas such as documentation and retention obligations, as well as for notification and audit duties.

These arrangements give buyers security in their collaboration with their suppliers.

We have made this concern of our customers our own and so actively support them, as much as they want, in drawing up such an agreement.

Risk management

When it comes to safely achieving an ambitious goal, every possible risk needs to be assessed. These risks may be of various kinds because, after all, supplying the materials needed also involves risks.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is the instrument of choice for analysing risks of this kind. Using FMEA, errors can be detected at an early stage, their effects can be evaluated, and action can be taken.

Our company works with experts in this field so that it can help its customers in making a risk assessment of their projects.

Project support

Our customers are given support in implementing complex projects on request.

We will analyse the actual conditions with respect to the objectives on your behalf, and then create a network diagram involving all the project’s procedures, timelines and necessary resources.

We provide our customers with our full range of services during implementation.